Colon cancer screening saves lives.

Norwich GI Associates is dedicated to meeting the demands of your busy schedule.  To save you time and resources, we are delighted to offer an Open Access Program for scheduling Screening Colonoscopy exams.  This program allows a patient that has met the screening criteria to bypass the need for a separate consultation with a GI physician and be scheduled directly for a colonoscopy.
Your primary care physician can refer you to this program or if your insurance does not require a referral, you can directly call Norwich GI Associates at 860-886-2655 or email us through the contact page to schedule a colonoscopy exam. A Registered Nurse will contact you by phone and complete a short medical history screening.  Based on this screening, the RN will determine if you are a candidate for the Open Access Program. The process takes approximately 15 minutes.

If you are a candidate, the RN will schedule your exam directly at the Eastern Connecticut Endoscopy Center and provide you with the instructions for the exam.  If you are not a candidate, the RN will help you schedule a consultation visit with the GI physician of your choice.