What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a well-known and genetically linked disease. This is a disease where gluten can cause an immune reaction. This can harm the body’s digestive tract lining.

What is Gluten?BestGIDoctorCT3

Gluten is a type of protein that is present in foods like breads, crackers and pasta. Gluten originates from grains like wheat, barley, rye, and triticale.

BestGIDoctorCT1How Does Celiac Disease Occur?

With celiac disease, your natural immunity strikes the gluten and damages your small intestine when you eat these particular food items. This makes it difficult for your system to take in vitamins and minerals that help you stay balanced.

Why Therapy is Needed for Celiac Disease

It’s essential to get therapy as celiac disease can cause iron deficiency, anemia and osteoporosis. It could possibly also increase your chance of developing lymphoma.

This illness can also harm the development of a child’s body and can cause damage to the bones. If it is not taken care of early then your child can get very ill. Get in touch with a health care provider if your child is dropping a lot of weight, has diarrhea, or feels weak and exhausted for an extensive period of time with no improvement.

What Are the Warning Signs of Celiac Disease?BestGIDoctorCT4

The signs of celiac disease vary among people. The level of intestinal destruction that can occur after consuming gluten can vary by each person. Many people with this condition often suffer from no symptoms but are still prone to difficulties caused by this condition. The symptoms of celiac disease include gas and swelling, changes in bowel movements, weight reduction, continuous tiresomeness, and fatigue.

What Causes Celiac Disease?

Medical professionals cannot determine what causes the ailment. Having particular genes may boost your probability of getting it. You are more prone to having those genes if a close relative carries them.

How Is Celiac Disease Cured?

You will need to remove gluten from your diet in order to keep this disease from being worse than it already is. Contact us for help with getting your diet to work for you and deal with Celiac Disease. Our GI doctors can help you out with managing all sorts of problems in your body including celiac disease.




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