Capsule Endoscopy in CT

BestGIDoctorCT1What is a Capsule Endoscopy?

A capsule endoscopy is a method of imaging your intestines where a small wireless camera will take pictures of your digestive system. The camera will be placed inside a vitamin-sized pill that you will swallow. As the capsule moves along your digestive system, the camera can snap thousands of pictures. These pictures will be transported to a recorder that you can put on a belt around your waist or over your shoulder.

A capsule endoscopy can help health professionals to view the area inside your small intestine — a spot that isn’t conveniently reached with a standard endoscopy. A capsule endoscopy may be used by both adults and children. The process is normally initiated in a doctor’s clinic like ours.

What are the Advantages of Capsule Endoscopy?BestGIDoctorCT2

The capsule can simply be swallowed by the patient and he/she can relax in comfort without being admitted to a hospital. Anesthesia is not required since it is pain-free. Also, no emissions or other harmful materials will be utilized in the process.


A capsule endoscopy is a useful GI review procedure that can work to your benefit. Contact us the best GI doctors in CT for details on our capsule endoscopy service and how it can work for you.


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